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Annual meeting and reports

This year's meeting took place on Sunday 12th April at 10.45am in St Mary's Church.


There were about 30 guys from this barber shop group, apparently the only one in Nottinghamshire, who came along on Saturday 7 March 2015 and gave us an evening of acapella barber shop singing which was well received with the audience enjoying the programme.   The concert took place in two halves with refreshments served in the break. A total of £433 was banked from the event and this will go towards St. Mary's Roof Appeal.  Thank you all who supported the event. 
Martin Skeffington


Liverpool waterfront

On Saturday 18 October 2014 a trip to Liverpool was organised arriving at Liverpool at about 11am giving at least five and half hours before having to board the coach for the return journey home.  The weather was kind to us and it was unseasonably warm for the time of year.  

There  was no set programme with people doing there own thing when we arrived.  For example a couple met up with either friends or relations whilst others boarded sightseeing buses for tours around the city.  Mersey Ferries also do a 50 minute round trip taking in all the sights of the waterfront as well as providing a service to foot passengers and cyclists who wish to cross the Mersey.  Albert Dock where the coach dropping off point is located is full of shops, restaurants and museums as well as the Beatles' Experience.  

Anglican Cathedral

Not too far away are the two iconic cathedrals, the Anglican Cathedral which is reputedly the largest in the UK and the RC Cathedral with is round roof and wonderful stained glass.  

Catholic Cathedral

As well as a good day out the opportunity was taken to use it as a fund raising opportunity and with the on board raffle  and the balance left after paying for the hire of the coach and driver £455 was made to add to St. Mary's Roof Appeal.  Thank you also Sharpes of Nottingham and their driver Rob for getting us there and back safely.

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