St Mary's Radcliffe on Trent

Sharing God's Love

David T Photo From my childhood I have attended church on a regular basis. I had an early insight of the duties of a churchwarden, as my father held that position for many years in our small rural parish in Oxfordshire. I also sang in the church choir for a number of years – until my voice broke.

 Since moving to Radcliffe-on-Trent with Margaret, Mark & Peter in the early 1980’s I have attended St Mary’s and soon became a regular member of the bellringers. My bellringing is far more musical than my singing, (most of the time ).

 Until joining the PCC, the highest profile position I held in Radcliffe was as organiser of the Dayncourt Paper Caper in the 1990’s. However after retiring recently I felt that with the greater amount of ‘free’ time available I had the opportunity to make a more positive contribution both to the community in general and St Mary’s in particular, as an expression of my faith. In addition working for St Mary’s will I am sure offer further outlets for my energy currently dissipated by cycling and running. 

I became a member of the PCC in 2005 and have been involved chiefly with fund raising and project management for the new St Mary’s Hall. Now on my election to the position of Churchwarden I will broaden my focus to include all the activities of our Church and its family. As there are many members of the Church family who I don’t know, I will be trying to meet everybody as soon as possible.


Finally, if you have any concerns or observations about the way St Mary’s is being run, please do not hesitate to contact me or if I’m not available any other staff members. Whilst we may not always be able to please everybody you can rest assured that we are all working towards the same goal ‘to glorify God and proclaim Jesus Christ as Saviour’.

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