What is a vicar, a churchwarden, a reader...? Confused?

Rev Graeme's last service with us took place on December 4th 2016 and now we are officially "between vicars" (or in an interregnum).
The PCCs of our 2 churches have devoted a lot of time to praying and thinking about the  appointment of a new vicar - and the process is going forward well!

In the meantime church life continues under the leadership of our churchwardens and Lay Readers, supported by Rev Canon Alan Haydock for our more traditional services and also Rev Canon Keith Turner.

After 7 exciting years as our vicar, Rev Graeme has now moved on to a new parish - Holy Trinity, Coventry. So we are currently "between vicars" (or in interregnum).

We will miss Graeme and Judy (+ dog Willow) greatly and wish them God's richest blessing in this next stage of their ministry.


 About Rev Graeme

I was born in Camberwell, London where I spent the first eleven years of my life. I then moved to Frome in Somerset where I lived until 28. During this time I became convinced about Jesus Christ and decided to become one of His followers.

I also gained a degree in computing and entered a career in this field. As time progressed I got married to my wonderful wife, Judy. I also became a troubleshooting manager and ended up starting my own small company.

Around the age of 38 I started to become aware that God may well be calling me to become a vicar. After discussing this with others over a period of time we all felt this was God’s will for me and I was ordained in 2002.

I served as a Curate in Bristol and then an Associate Vicar in Chelmsford. The responsibilities I have had during the years before and after ordination have been many and varied. My work for Jesus has tended to have a strong strategic, evangelistic and collaborative tone to it.

It is such a privilege to be involved in serving the creator of the universe who has such a fantastic concern for us. We really matter to God, and being involved in people’s connection with God is amazing. I have seen many, many people transformed by the power of God. What a way of living, to be part of that!

David T Photo From my childhood I have attended church on a regular basis. I had an early insight of the duties of a churchwarden, as my father held that position for many years in our small rural parish in Oxfordshire. I also sang in the church choir for a number of years – until my voice broke.

SueI was born in Leicester, and lived in various places in Leicestershire until my mid teens when my Dad's job took the family to Suffolk. As well as working full time my Dad led several village chapels over the years as a lay Pastor. At age 13 I realised that I had to make my own decision to be a Christian I couldn't rely on my parents faith, Jesus had died to forgive my sins and he wanted me to follow him.

Joan PhotoI was born and brought up in Leeds. As a child I was taken to church regularly and attended Sunday School from the age of five.

I and my family have lived in Radcliffe since 1969 and have worshipped in St. Mary's since 1975, following a renewal in faith and a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

Rev Canon Alan HaydockSince his ordination in Southwell Minster in 1965, Alan has served the whole of his ministry in Nottinghamshire. For 26 years he was the Rector of East Bridgford & Kneeton before his retirement in 2006.  Alan is still readily available at any time to assist with pastoral concerns.

Members of the PCC for the current year are:

Dave Townsend - Churchwarden
Sue Megahy  - Churchwarden
Harry Hughes - PCC Secretary
Roger Scothern - Treasurer
Joan Reynolds - Vice-chair
Rev Gail Spencer
Canon Alan Haydock
Vicky Aldridge
Sheila Brumfitt
Peter Haynes
Eva Johnson
Jude McLauchlan
Iris McLean
Julie Pearce
Mita Johnson
Ann Dean