St Mary's is a Church of England parish church serving people of all ages in the large village of Radcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire. We offer a variety of service styles throughout the month so hope there will be something that you feel comfortable with.

Our vision for our church has 3 major themes:

  • We are a community of people who worship God and follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. We seek to reflect his character and wishes in every part of our lives. (KEEP THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING)
    We seek to grow in love for one another and for all in this community in meaningful and practical ways. (LOVE IS CENTRAL TO EVERYTHING)
    We believe that church is for everyone, regardless of age, circumstances or status. (CHURCH IS FOR ALL)

Will I be welcome at St Mary's?
Yes, of course! We would love to see you.  No one is so bad that God doesn't love them, or so good that they don't need God!  And church certainly isn't only for Christians!

What about children?
Children are valued members of the church family. It is no problem if your toddler wishes to roam around during a service, but a creche is provided at the back of church for 0-3s if you prefer. Activity bags (crayons/books etc) are also available. There is room for prams inside the building and there is a toilet inside the lobby. The creche room also serves as a quiet place to feed your baby if you would like some privacy.
From the age of three children are able to attend One Way Club (Sunday School).

I have a disability.
All relevant parts of the church are now accessible by wheelchair. A spare wheelchair is also available in church. The toilet facilities should be accessible to all.  During communion services the bread and wine can be brought directly to your seat if you prefer.
The church has a loop system for hearing aid users.

Do I need to bring money?
We only take an offering at out 10.30am Sunday services (as most regular giving to the church now goes via the bank). A plate is always available at the entrance for anyone who would like to contribute to the ministry here. Gift Aid envelopes are also available in the pews. 
At large services and major festivals a collection is now sometimes taken during the service to give people an opportunity to give if they would like to do so. Visitors are not expected to give unless they wish to - they are our guests!

Is there a dress code?
No. Just come as yourself!